Tips On Making Your Halloween Outfit Look Sexy And Stylish

Halloween is less than a week away, which means kids all over the country will be hunting down a terrifying costume to wear on October 31st. However, it isn’t just youngsters who love to dress up, and this is a great opportunity for guys and gals to unleash their naughty side when finding something to wear.

And even if you don’t like to slather facepaints on or slip into a ‘Fear Leader’ outfit, there are plenty of ways to get into the season while still looking sexy and stylish.


- Luxe materials

The thing that sets Halloween outfits apart from other going-out attire is their fabric. This is the time of the year you can be really bold and brave with your dress, jumpsuit or skirt by choosing PVC, pleather, lace or faux snakeskin as your material of choice.

Just like Christmas is the time of the year you can go really crazy with sequins, sparkles and glitter, Halloween is a great excuse to bring out your inner dominatrix.

Make the outfit more ghoulish by adding a cat’s mask or splashes of red; carry accessories such as a whip or wear studded collar for a punky look.

Dresses with animal prints are also great for an adventurous look, whether you choose fake snake, leopard or crocodile skins. You could complete the Halloween look by really embracing the animal theme. For instance, you could add some cat ears and thigh high boots to show off your leopard print jumpsuit or dress.


- Halloween colours 

Of course, outfits wouldn’t quite be in the theme of Halloween if they weren’t in the season’s typically gruesome colours. Opt for dresses in red or black to fit in with the occasion. 

These then could be easily matched with devil’s horns, a pitch fork, a wig, or bat wings if you want to jazz up the outfit for a party.


- Horror glam 

Not all adult Halloween outfits have to be short, tight and revealing though. You can still be sexy by being glamorous, and there are plenty of glitzy numbers you can choose for October 31st if you’re attending a decidedly more up-market soiree.

For instance, some of our women’s UK sequin fashion dresses ooze both glamour and sex appeal, with the floor-length gowns leaving a bit to the imagination while their fitted form shows off your sexy silhouette.

Our red sequin plunge gown is fabulous for the devils among you, with the sparkly long-sleeved dress looking stunning when teamed with blood-red lips and matching nails. A simple set of sequinned devil horns will complete the outfit without it looking trashy. 

Alternatively, our Middleton lace bodice chiffon bottom maxi dress is bold and daring – perfect for Halloween. The slightly see-through fitted top shows off confidence, while the thigh-high split reveals just enough leg for a glamorous do.


Instead of buying an outfit you’ll only wear once, whether it is a skeleton or witch, why not treat yourself to a brand new dress that you can put on time and time again? It might be a great excuse to get your hands on a number you wouldn’t normally have the confidence to wear!