How To Do Halloween In Serious Style This Year

The spooky season is just around the corner and if you’ve got lots of Halloween parties to attend at the end of the month, you’re probably already thinking about what kind of costume you want to put together.

But, while some of you out there will decide to go all out with the face paint, gory makeup and terrifying accessories, there are sure to be others who are keen to give a nod to October 31st but in a more stylish, classy kind of way.

And that’s exactly where we here at Sister Saint come in, with all our wonderful women’s party outfits for you to choose from. Here are just a few of our favourites.


Tessa Emerald Green Plunge Mermaid Mini Dress

If you’ve been planning a stunning mermaid outfit but don’t want to spend your night flapping about with an annoying tail, why not go for this stylish version instead? You could do something special with your makeup in a similar emerald green colour. Check out this tutorial for using fishnet stockings to help you achieve a mermaid makeup look.


Jackie Red Sequin Tassel Plunge Mini Dress

Those of you who love a bit of retro styling could pull off a fun 1920s flapper look in our beautiful red sequin mini dress, combining both the old school and the new. Alternatively, it would serve just as well as part of your costume dressing up as Fawkes the phoenix from Harry Potter.


Bethany Brown Polka Dot Playsuit 

Is Pretty Woman one of your favourite movies? If so, this dress – really reminiscent of the little polka dot number that Julia Roberts wore in the polo-playing scene – would do incredibly well as a Vivian costume. All you need now is a big brown hat and a devil may care attitude!


Gee Black PU Leather Deep V Blazer & Short Set

No Halloween party (or any other costume party, in fact) is ever complete without a naughty policewoman or two and you’ll get the look down perfectly with our blazer and short set. A few choice accessories and you’ll be ready to show them the long arm of the law.


Alicia Snake Animal Print Bodycon Midi Dress 

Animal print always does well at this time of year but instead of going for the more traditional leopard look (an easy costume win), why don’t you give Medusa, a Gorgon in Greek mythology who

had living venomous snakes on her head instead of hair, a little bit of a nod in our stylish and very sexy snake animal print midi dress? The rest of the party won’t know what hit them!

We’d love to hear what costumes you’ve got planned for Halloween this year, so get in touch with us today.